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Sat., Feb. 10, 2018
Sat., Feb. 17, 2018









SAT., FEBRUARY 17, 2018, AT 8:30 A.M.


Sale to be held at Al Starr Willow Street Community Building

2901 Willow Street Pike, Willow Street, PA 17584

Rt. 272 N to the rear of Willow Street Fire Co.


Furniture to be sold at approx. 2:30 p.m.

FURNITURE:  Cabinet, drop-leaf table w/ 4 chairs, hutch, dry sink, radio/CD/record player, bar chairs, framed pictures, desk, bookshelf, typewriter w/ stand, camel back trunk, swivel rocker uph. chairs, drop-leaf coffee table, utility cabinet, cedar chest, wdn. chest, oak chest of drawers, floor lamps (marble base), agate top table/chairs, cupboard.  VINTAGE:  Oak Western Electric wall phone (patented 1894), 21-0 condenser capacity 2m-f (patented 1897, 1908 1st issue), 100+ Lady Head planters, straight razors, cast iron taffy pulling hook, old drawstring pouch, leather change purse, old coin pouch, old eyeglasses, antique curio shelf, old glass baby bottle, old keys, mini Wheaton glass bottles, checkwriter (F&E Hedman Mfg.).  LANC. CO. MEMORABILIA:  Postcard albums, trolley pics, Conestoga Traction Trolley Items (1898 meter, other), Ohmer Trolley Car Fare Counter, 1911 Fair Ribbons, many pcs. ephemera & advert. items from Lanc. Co. (booklets, brochures, keychains, funeral home items, badges, newspapers, Wheatland, histories, almanacs, bottle caps, fair ribbons, many more).  ADVERTISING:  Banks – Envelopes (Hamilton Bank, Nat’l Central Bank, Lanc. Co. Farmers Nat’l), bank bags (Akron Nat’l), cloth bags (Lanc. Co. Farmers, Lanc. Nat’l), 1922 pocket cal. (Farmers Bank New Oxford), 1939 Lanc. Finance desk cal.  Metal coin banks – “American Bank” (VW, Ford taxi, Mack Truck, popcorn wagon, fire pumper, stage coach, Mustang, others).  Nat’l Central Bank pins & shopping bags.  Rocky Springs items – tickets (skee ball, season pass Crystal pool, clubs, dancing, other), members applications, brochures, env., pendants, roller rink coaster, ballroom key chain, Maple Grove swimming pool tickets.  Watt & Shand – placemat/napkins, matchbooks, opening program for escalator, env., 1928 Golden Jubilee sale flyer, 1953 Christmas Jubilee sale booklet, radio log, ruler.  Hamilton Watch - tin, pocket watch box, glass tray.  Other Advert., many Lanc. Co. - 1961 New Era date book, Queen Dairy (bottle caps, ½ pint), WGAL (bottle caps, ash tray, jar opener, hot pads, coasters, tape measure), 1945 PA fishing license pin, Sayer/Scheid/Sweeton shoe horn & notebook, Greist Bldg. pic w/ trolley, Pulsar watch box, 1974 RCA ash tray, 1913/14 pin/ribbon (Lanc. Soldiers monument), L.B. Herr & Son 1945 calendar, 1937 Boy Scouts first aid, Imperial cigar., 150th ann. Strasburg RR pin, Franklin café (swizzle sticks, other), Archie’s sticker book, Ice Capade programs (1940-1960), 1911 High School News, Hagar store bags, 1959 Hummers Parade mag., 1957 Zembo Circus program, 1948 Ringling Bros program, Lydia Pinkham pill container, stamps (1st day issue - JFK, Walt Disney, Apollo II), James Buchanan Wheatland stamps, Sky Vue Drive-In passes, 1916 Knights of Malta constitution laws, wdn. Demuth cigar box, Hotel Brunswick 1934 New Year’s Ball, State College pamphlet (1928), metal Monkees toy can, Woolworth’s (1930 flyer, Christmas lamp bulb, opening brochure, keychain & book for 100th ann.), Phillies (1994/95 team pic, 100 yrs. article, glasses, pins), Strasburg Boro 150th ann. (glass, trivet), Pensupreme 1 qt. milk bottle, Coca-Cola bottle (Lanc.), Hershey’s cocoa tin, Lanc. High School items, 1892 calendar, Boys Brigade Calendar 1906, 1877 Griffiths Journal, Lanc. Hilton ash tray, 1805 Lanc. Journal Newspaper, 1925 LGH annual report, Saltine crackers tin, cigar labels, Ephrata Playhouse, Fulton Opera House, Atlantic City postcards, McCrory’s almanac/calendar, lots more.  MISC.:  Binoculars, Playboy calendars, old photos & frames, TV tubes, 1979 & 1981 Goebel Christmas ornament, handheld paper fans, metal trinket boxes.  Cameras – Kodascope projector, Mamiya C3 camera, lenses, filters, Brownie Box camera, Kodak vest pocket camera, Foldmaster photoflood unit, Bell & Howell slide projector, easel, film splicer, assorted 16 mm movies.  BOOKS-MANY LANC. CO.:  Lanc. Co. Red Rose of PA (Loose), Heritage of Lanc., To Lanc. w/ Love (signed by Lestz), Bird-in-Hand 1934-1984, Steinman’s of Lanc. (Brubaker III), Pictorial History of Lanc., 100 Yrs. of Camera Scenes (Lanc.), LNP Special Ed. (WWII, Fabulous 50’s), History of Lanc. Co., 1875 Atlas of Lanc. Co., Comprehensive Municipal Plan of Lanc. Co. (1945), Historic Heart of Lanc.  Scrapbooks – Lanc. Co., Prominent People, WWI, WWII, old photos, travel pics, Lanc. Churches, Lanc. Hospitals.  Other Books - Official Paved Rd. Survey of U.S., RD Great World Atlas, 1902 Grammar School Geography, 1861 Physical Geo. U.S., 1899 Kingship of Self-Control, 1994 Intelligencer Journal 1st 200 Yrs., 1912 High Noon, 1914 Edgar Allan Poe, Theodore Roosevelt books from 1880’s, Kipling, Soviet Geography 1962, Sherlock Holmes (early 1900’s), Horatio Alger Jr. (early 1900’s), 1879 Andersonville, many other old books by well-known authors.  Old newspapers – Lanc. New Era & Intelligencer (dates from 1940-1970), issues specific to world events (Roosevelt dies, 1972 flood, WWII, Vietnam War).  VEHICLE ITEMS:  Plymouth service manual (1939, 1940), Inside Story of Plymouth, 1929 Digest of Vehicle Codes (PA), 1927 PA license plates, Chevy repair manuals (1920’s), 1960 Dept. Vehicle Codes, Esso key chain, 1932 Recreational Map PA, old PA road maps.  MILITARY:  Lanc. War Finance Committee booklet, 1942 U.S. Navy Recruiting book, West Point Academy Catalog (1958/59), What the Boys Did Over There (1919), Our Boys in the Great War (1926), History & Rhymes of Lost Battalion (1929), Encyclo. of WWII, Human Interest Stories (Gettysburg), Life’s Picture History WWII, 1918 History of WWI), mini guide books 1940’s (War Planes, Army Insignia, International Codes & Signals, Navy, Army, airplanes), tank periscope, 1908 Lanc. dog tag.  HOUSEHOLD GOODS:  Quart jars, kitchen utensils, oil lamps, Empire clock, banjo clock, watches (Rolex, Lanc. key wind, other), jugs/crocks, TOYS:  Hess Trucks, Ertl Texaco trucks (1984-2000), gun holster, 20 mule team (plastic), wdn. & inlaid puzzles. 

Partial Listing.  Not responsible for accidents.  No out-of-state checks.  Food Served.



Enterline Auction Service LLC                                                                      Sale by

Robert L. Enterline (717)872-1948                                                                Patti Flahart &

Auctioneer (AU-003690-L)                                                                            Dottie Huber